Le secret du couple

La dualité nous sépare de la réalité

se ressemblé c’est effacer notre unicité

le couple a besoin de différence 

pour engendrer l’attirance 

et être complémentaire 

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Good morning, namaskar, today we will speak about the secret of

happy couples. For this we will go back in time, to the first chapters of the book of Genesis (first book of the Bible)

In the beginning, God creates man and woman, simultaneously  

God gives him/her an intellect, (buddhi in sanskrit)

What does he/she do with this intellect ?Giving names to forms

 » He gave names to all the animals »(Genesis 2, v 20), then God

separates male from female. Adam-Shiva is now with Eve-Shakti

then disaster happens, the disaster of dualism

Shakti comes close to the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil. What is that tree of Good and Evil ?   

It is the emergence of dualism. Who showed the tree ? the black serpent of ignorance

mentioned in the Ashtavakra Gita. Shakti and Shiva eat the poison of dualism.  

and dive into the darkness of illusion. They see themselves

as separated from the Whole. They want to wear a loincloth made of skin.

They ask God to make one. In Hebrew, the words « skin » and « light »

sound the same ( Or) . Same sound.

Kabbalists have therefore said that Adam and Eve were beings made of light

They are not yet in human skin.
So, Adam and Eve

try to be a couple. A couple has things in common  ( same origin, same type of character, same education..)

but also many different views. When we only want to be with people just like us, thinking the same,  

What happens ? We cancel each other out, we destroy each other.

The hebrew words ISH and ISHA mean man and woman. If we keep

the letters which are common between these two words, we obtain ESH, the fire of destruction

« Birds of a feather flock together » and end up in hell

If we take the letters which are different between ISH and ISHA, man and woman,

We obtain the hebrew word YAH, God
( Hallelu-Yah, Glory to God)

So it s because of its differences that a couple can

return to the Unity of God. We should not only seek someone different from us..

… but also celebrate these differences

French writer Antoine de Saint Exupery said « : Far from hurting me , your differences make me richer »

The secret of happy couples is to gather what was scattered. It is not to look for a clone 

Someone who will say yes to everything we do and say. Not at all!

The fusion of Shiva and Shakti results in Ardhanaishwara, the divine being who is both male and female.

Do you know what place is the symbol of ArdhanaIshwara ?

Holy Hill Arunachala (India). That is where Shiva and Shakti became one for the first time

showing their glory to sages and rishis.

I wish you a great day,
By Their Grace,

Om, Peace, Peace, Peace,